14 years of design industry experience, agency and in-house, have shaped my instincts and honed my skills. From developing and executing brand marketing campaigns, building and refining an enterprise brand as an in-house creative services lead, traveling worldwide as a brand ambassador and evangelist, collaborating with cross-functional leads on multiple product launches, providing strategic sustainable and scalable solutions as a creative director, managing and inspiring a team of creative designers, to applying conceptual thinking to create world-class visual design solutions across multiple touchpoints.

In addition to my branding background, I have a masters degree in interior architecture & design. Having this additional design expertise has allowed me to follow a long time dream of designing and branding interior spaces. More recently in a retail shop in Palo Alto designing the shop interior as well as fully branding the business with a new logo and package design suite. The three years studying and researching spacial design has also added to my experience by way of environmental design. In 2017 I was the creative director for a Fortune 500 company's annual technical conference with 30,000 attendees providing design leadership as well as designing nearly 100 assets.

The very best part of my day is being so fortune to be able to bring my clients’ dreams and visions to fruition, from concept to completion.


"Sheila delivered stunning results as the lead visual designer for Insight 2016, our customer event with over 10,000 total attendees in Vegas and Berlin. With detailed creative direction, she was able to bring her inspired vision to life at both venues. To get everything done in time, she met short timelines while staying organized, juggling multiple deliverables at once working with many different agencies and internal designers. She also did a great a job as the sole representative from our team in Berlin during the installation of the event. The designs for Insight 2016 received unanimously positive feedback and we couldn’t be more pleased. Thank you, Sheila, for your relentless dedication to the project!"

 YOUNG TRAN, Design Director, Brand Marketing at NetAppJanuary 2017


"I’ve had the pleasure to know Sheila for over 6 years, first as a client, then as a designer on my team, and now as an interior design professional. This year she transformed an odd-shaped, blank corporate space into a meticulously designed and unique branded environment: the NetApp company store. Sheila has created a beautiful yet playful retail environment – and has made a storage and data management gear store a truly enjoyable shopping experience! I am so impressed by how Sheila approached this project – she has always had a methodical approach, however for the company store it required intense research into materials, (especially environmentally friendly sources), building codes, sunlight patterns as well as skillful collaboration with our brand and facilities team who managed the build out. We are so proud of our store and are excited to partner with Sheila on additional projects this coming year, namely our company suite at Levi’s stadium. The design concept is fantastic and we can’t wait to give the suite a NetApp touch."

– EMILY MILLER, Senior Director, Brand & Audience Marketing at NetAppJanuary 2015


"This is why Sheila is awesome: you can give her any problem, and she will come back with something incredible. At NetApp we decided to build a gear store for our branded merchandise. The project came with the usual corporate constraints: odd shaped room, no logical entry point, adherence to building codes, that whole "budget" thing… Sheila's proposal was amazing. She studied retail spaces to understand how customers move through a store, considered the light at all times of the day, and created concepts for merchandising the products. Not only did Sheila have to create something awesome, she had to sell her idea and get the company to spend money on it. Sheila knows how to sell her work; she's passionate and believes in it. Once her vision was approved, the store had to get built. Sheila was there during construction through opening day. Custom walnut cabinets act as merchandise display and overstock units. Metal wall shelves (which case beautiful shadows!) showcase the smaller products elegantly. Chalkboard wall finishes allow for beautiful hand drawn graphics and messages. She even managed to create a fitting room, cash register stand, and storage room. Sheila is a super bad-ass graphic designer and now she's equally awesome as a designer of spaces. During several presentations, some of our stakeholders asked for the name of the architectural firm, because they were so impressed. The answer: Sheila."

– ARTHUR KILINSKI, Group Enterprise Creative Director at NVIDIADecember 2014


"Sheila is an incredibly talented and passionate leader in creative design. Recently, Sheila orchestrated the implementation and extension of a new visual language for NetApp. She has been able to influence cross functional stakeholders to embrace the new VL which has enabled NetApp to achieve a consistent brand presence globally. Sheila's creativity and unwavering passion for the brand have helped NetApp to stand out from the competition. And her collaborative nature enables her to be effective in all that she does. Anyone would be lucky to have her on their team."

 – CRISS MARSHALL, VP Marketing at PalerraAugust 2012


"Sheila is a pleasure to work with. Her eye for detail and passion for her work make her an outstanding brand guardian. She has an innate ability to articulate visual concepts in actionable terms. It has been a delight to watch her grow into an excellent brand manager, motivating her team with thoughtful attention and clarity of direction."

– LINDA HENRY, Founder | Executive Producer at Found Story FarmJune 2012


"In some companies brand teams are like cop squads. In NetApp, they are like Sheila: proactive, responsive, and supportive – helping us field marketers have an impact, and to do so within brand guidelines. Sheila is a real joy to work with, she is authentic, with a big heart for visual brand identity, and a truly service-oriented work attitude."

– KEES HENNIPHOF, Director, Marketing Campaigns & Events EMEA at ServiceNow – Work at LightspeedJune 2012


"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sheila several times over the past 8 years; she is without a doubt one of the most talented, capable, organized and fashionable creative professional that I’ve worked with. Her unique approach to design is refreshing and motivating, she completely understands the ‘BIG’ picture and inspires those around her to collectively achieve exceptional results. Sheila is a natural born leader and I would jump at the chance to work with her again."

 MATT PAVLOVCIC, Creative Catalyst at PAVOMATIC™, December 2011


"Sheila has an amazing eye for design and is enormously creative. In addition, she has incredible eye for detail and gives spot-on feedback in her role on the Brand team. She is excellent at setting and adhering to guidelines, while allowing and encouraging creativity that extends the brand. She is just as good at reviewing datasheets as she is at managing strategic, executive level graphics. In addition, she understands business needs and is able to make time- and money-saving recommendations, as well as helping implement them. Sheila gives 110% all the time and produces quality work. On top of all that, she's just plain fun to work with!"

– ELLEN MACDERMID, Communications professionalSeptember 2011